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These examples by our top artists exemplify the mix of traditional hull construction methods with that of modern craftsmanship techniques. Both these full and half hulls are all hand-carved wooden hulls, precisely templated to the body & lines plans, and each given protective epoxy coatings to provide stability and longevity of the form before paint work. Via precision AutoCAD drawings, milling machines, brass photo-etching, laser cutting, and new sophisticated casting methods, deck fittings can now be well detailed and exacting, a most important feature of high-quality modern or classic yacht models.

Step 1: 'Pro forma’ quote based on initial information (please provide):
 • 2 - 3 photographs
 • Basic line drawing if available
 • Size/Scale of model desired (1/4” = 1’; 3/8” = 1’; 1/2” = 1’; 3/4” = 1’; etc.)
 • Type of model: full hull, half-hull, waterline, diorama, shadowbox, etc.
 • Extent of detail required (larger scale = more detail)

Step 2:  Formal Quote, If you feel the pro forma quote is viable and you would like to proceed: please confirm size and extent of detail desired and forward the following information and photographs.
 • Numerous color print photographs (three rolls of 36 exposures minimum) of the yacht
• Deck arrangements and fittings
• Rigging detail, include flags, pennants and burgees
• Close ups of name lettering (all locations)
• Hauled out showing:
   • bottom, with rudder(s) & prop(s), bow thrusters, etc.
   • Dinghies, tenders, launches, etc.
   • Aircraft, toys, or any unusual custom features/fittings, etc.

• Line drawings: (If necessary I can request or assist in obtaining these plans from the yacht manufacturer)
   • Full body and hull
   • Deck arrangements
   • Port & starboard profiles
   • Construction plan
   • Sail and rigging plan

• Paint scheme - based on Awlgrip color chart
   • Bottom Waterline & cove stripes Topsides Decks
   • Deck furniture Masts & spars Lettering

Upon receipt of the above package, a formal final quote and timeline will be provided.

It is the gallery’s policy to receive an initial 50% down payment prior to commencement of construction, and the balance (possible progress payment maybe required if construction project extends more than six months, then based on completion of hull, deck details, then finished with rigging, etc.) would be due upon notification of completion via photographs.

NYYC Guidelines for Scale Models:
Yachts over 300’ on the waterline – 1/8” Scale
Yachts over 200’ and under 300’ on the waterline – 3/16” Scale
Yachts over 100’ and under 200’ on the waterline – 1/4” Scale
Yachts 100’ and under on the waterline – 3/8” Scale

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