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Models that are currently available

Alain Benoit
Mr. Benoit' model of the Bonhomme Richard resides in the crypt of John Paul Jones at the US Naval Academy.

Bernd Braatz
Dioramas and Ships-in-bottles.

Robert Bruckshaw
Admiralty Style models

Scott Chambers
19th & 20th century sailing vessel half-hulls.

Michael Costagliola
18th & 19th century American and British sailing vessels.

William H. Eisele
19th & 20th century British and American sailing vessels

Richard S. Glanville
His models of the Bonhomme Richard and Gunboat 156 are on display at the Washington Navy Yard.

John R. Haynes
He worked on the London Imperial War Museum ship collection as their ship restorer and has also constructed models for the Ministry of Defense.

Stephen W. Henninger
His model of the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise is the only ship model at Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum,.

William E. Hitchcock
Phenomenal versitility, multi-talented as exemplified by his 17 models at the Ships of the Sea Museum in Savannah, Ga.

Wilford H. Hooper
19th century merchant, yachting and half-models.

Derek Hunnisett
His models have been collected by the Royal Family of Britain, London Science Museum and the Mariners Museum.

Roy O. Jenkins
Half-hulls of 19th & 20th century sailing vessel.

Raymond Langdon
He built models for the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, the Kendall Whaling Museum and the Queen Mary Museum.

14" & 21" Lighting

Joaquim Maristany
His work can be found in the Barcelona Maritime Museum and in numerous Spanish national historical societies and private organizations.

Donald McNarry FRSA
Mr. McNarry’s extreme miniature models are found in major public institutions and private collections worldwide.

Henry Meyer
19th century American & British sailing vessels

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Robert H. Mouat
19th & 20th century British and American Naval vessels

Marcelo C. Ossó
America's Cup and Custom Yacht Models

12 models from a private collection

Philip S. Reed
Extreme miniatures of 18th & 19th century British and American sailing vessels

Erik A.R. Ronnberg Jr.
Expert on American fisheries and colonial era vessels

David Spy
Full & Half Hulls of 20th century yachts

Bobb Tomsett
Brisith and American small working vessels and yachts.

Peter Ward
Half-hulls of 19th and 20th century British and American yachts

Mark C. Wilkins
18th, 19th and early 20th century New England small craft, classic yachts, or clipper ships.