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Bermuda Sloop

By: William E. Hitchcock, Nader Taheri

 A typical armed Bermuda sloop is depicted in this colorful clearwater diorama, as she cruises Bermudian waters, navigating a coral reef, c. 1760. Such schooners, with well-deserved reputation for weatherliness and fast sailing in light and moderate weather, were later extensively employed by the American colonists during the Revolutionary War.  Mr. Taheri provided the realizm to the scene with his water, figures, and weathering techniques.  

Model type: Diorama, Naval, Sail
Scale: 3/32" = 1'
Size: 17 3/4” x 9 5/8” x 12 1/4”
Class: DIO 2402

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Bermuda Sloop Bermuda Sloop