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City of Hartford

By: Joaquim Maristany

This unique wall-mounted Shadowbox presentation shows the City of Hartford passing Goodspeeds Landing and the Goodspeed Opera House on the Connecticut River . This artistic ship’s portrait is done in the traditional style of late 19th century marine shadowbox paintings. It shows her from a starboard side view under full steam, and has a polychrome hand painted fair weather sky & moderate sea. Also, in the lower right is a hand painted ship’s name banner and date. The model is authentically painted per research, and constructed in semi-relief from solid wood, with assemblies and miscellaneous deck fittings of metal or wood. Presented for wall mounting in a glazed, black and gold painted frame.

Model type: Shadowbox
Scale: NA
Size: 29 3/4” x 1 3/4” x 15 1/4”
Class: A/Special
Code: CUS 1715

This model is SOLD

City of Hartford City of Hartford