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Coasting Schooner

By: ANTIQUE Models, Inventory Currently AVAILABLE, POND MODELS, Artist Unknown

The hull design is a ‘plumb stem’ style circa 1880’s. The model is constructed via plank-on-frame hull with attached wooden stem, keel and sternpost. Lead ballast has been added to the interior of the hull placed in between the fames given it good balance. The model has interior ceiling planks, which secure the ballast from moving or shifting within the hull. It includes two deck hatches with removable metal covers, and two companionways each with opening doors and sliding roofs. The aft one allows one to see below into a cabin with bunks, while the forward one is false. The rudder is attached to the wheel via some type of steering arrangement, and it has seven sails which appear to be original (condition: Good, with some minor patches). The rigging is most all thread of black or natural coloration and is a combination of new and original work. On the deck is a removable skiff very typical of the type used by these vessels. Color scheme shows an anti-fouling red bottom, green topsides with yellow sheer stripes (probably not original color), white rails and interior bulwarks, gray decks with typical green outer edge trimming. Measures:. The model has all original parts & pieces. * Shows a new wooden cradle.

Model type: Pond Model, Sail, Yachting
Scale: NA
Size: 67" x 14 1/2" x 53 1/2"
Class: A/Special

Coasting Schooner Coasting Schooner Coasting Schooner