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de Halve Maen

By: ANTIQUE Models, Artist Unknown

Antique scale wood and painted ship model early 20th century. This model depicts the well know Dutch East India Company's exploration vessel of Henry Hudson. In his 1609 attempt to find a faster route to the East Indies via a northerly Arctic passage, he was forced by storms to head west, and soon landed on the Maine coast, then the Chesapeake Bay and then to discover the Hudson River in New York. The model constructed of a solid planked-over hull, shows a tallow cream bottom, natural topsides with natural interior bulwarks and decks. It includes all deck furniture, fittings, armament,hatches, ship's boat, and gear per general era and Dutch practice with a gilt animal figurehead and hand painted decorative work on the stern. It is authentically ship rigged with lateen mizzen, includes original hand painted flags typical of the Dutch trading companies. Condition: Very Good.

Model type: Antique, Exploration, Sail
Scale: Aprox 1/4" = 1'
Size: 28 1/2" x 10 1/4" x 30"
Class: A/Special

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de Halve Maen de Halve Maen de Halve Maen de Halve Maen de Halve Maen