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By: Joaquim Maristany

This J-class 1934 America’s Cup Challenger was commissioned and skippered by T.O.M. Sopwith. She was launched in April 1934 and acknowledged to be the most beautiful "J" built to date. This artistic ship’s portrait is done in the traditional style of late 19th century marine shadowbox paintings. The model is authentically painted per research and constructed in semi-relief from solid wood, with assemblies and miscellaneous deck fittings of metal or wood. The shadowbox has a polychrome hand-painted fair weather sky & moderate sea and is framed for wall mounting in a handsome wooden molding, gilded and glazed.

Model type: Shadowbox
Scale: NA
Size: 37" x 3 1/2" x 16 1/2"
Class: Special
Code: SDB 2008

This model is SOLD

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