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By: WAR of 1812, Inventory Currently AVAILABLE, M. Clayton Osterling

This model represents an American merchant topsail schooner developed along the Baltimore Clipper design, and is believed to have been built on Chesapeake Bay c.1812. Her classic design provided a hull of about 72’ in length, a 22’ beam and  approximately 9’ draft. On a voyage to Sweden she was so attracted by their navy that she was purchase in 1813, and used as a model for four other naval schooners. The plank-on-frame model presented on a the ways, exhibits its fine hull shape and with a portion of the starboard mid ship planking removed exposes her cherry wood framing construction.  Otherwise, the portside hull is planked and copper sheathed and shows all the known features and deck layout of this rakish schooner. It is armed with eight guns and presented with furled sails. The model is mounted on a solid mahogany baseboard with glazed cover trimmed in brass and engraved name plaque.

Model type: Naval, Sail, War of 1812
Scale: 3/16" = 1'
Size: 29 1/4” x 10 3/4” x 25 1/4”
Class: A

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