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"Incoming Zero at 8 O'Clock

By: Nader Taheri

This extreme miniature WWII, Pacific theater, waterline diorama depicts a Gato Class submarine having surfaced to augment a rescue operation, only to be air attached by two Japanese Zero fighters pilots.  The submarine shows its gun crews manning the anti-aircraft guns at the forward and aft end of its conning tower, shooting at an in-coming plane about 8 o’clock off its portside.  The crew had been successful shooting down a previous Zero, which is shown having just crashed into the sea. 

The model is a heavily modified resign hull fitted out with numerous photo-etched brass parts and custom details. The submarine is convincingly weathered, having involved minute hand brushed paint-work. Scale work-action figures are also included to represent scale and drama to the story line scene. The Japanese Zero, is also well detailed and painted and is cleverly suspended via nearly invisible minute wires. The waterline sea is hand sculpted from plasticine, and then painted with artist oils to create the plausible drama and colors of the South Pacific. It is mounted in a glazed case with wood trim matching the wooden base frame of steel gray coloration and includes engraved nickel-silver plaques.

Model type: Diorama, Naval, Power, Recent Acquisitions, World War II
Scale: 1:350
Size: 16.5" x 10" x 8.5"
Class: C/Special

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