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By: Inventory Currently AVAILABLE, Robert H. Mouat

Royal Navy Nelson Class battleship RODNEY, launched in 1925, served with distinction and occasionally as Flagship - almost without respite - throughout WWII in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean theaters. The diorama shows the 710' battleship anchored in an open roadstead and flying an Admiral's Flag. Both bower anchors are out and a swivel is being used to keep the lines apart. A torpedo boat of the kind produced at Vospers is passing by at 5 knots or less. Model is authentically painted and camouflaged per known research. Hull is constructed of wooden waterline lifts with superstructure built-up of brass with assemblies fabricated of brass, copper, Britannia, wire and wood. Hull has been hollowed out to accommodate two internal electric lights. Mounted in a custom fitted mahogany display with inner raised plinth, glazed cover trimmed in brass, and two brass engraved name plaques.

Model type: Naval, Power, Steam, World War II
Scale: 1/16" = 1' Scale
Size: 53" x 18" x 15 1/4"
Class: A/Special
Code: STM 2309

Rodney Rodney Rodney Rodney Rodney