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Schooner Yacht

By: ANTIQUE Models, Inventory Currently AVAILABLE, POND MODELS, Artist Unknown

Large gaff rigged two-masted schooner yacht (probably America which was at Annapolis as the school's sail training vessel) with clipper bow c.1850’s design. The model’s wooden hull is carved from solid block, which has been hollowed-out. It has an applied deck over intermittent deck beams and bulwark / rails with interior waterway. The spade shaped lead keel is attached and has an adjustable rudder for a specific tack setting. The masts and spars are of stained wood and include various hand fashioned brass fittings. The vintage cotton cloth sails are replacements made circa 1950’s, the linen rigging possibly later. In my opinion, the model is an effort to replicate the well known schooner yacht America as it upholds all the general characteristic of this vessel. The schooner sailed out of Marblehead harbor (Boston Yacht Club) during the turn of the late 19th century and early 20th century as the most prominent and recognizable yacht in America. Its color scheme at that time (c. 1887) however, was white and had had changes to its hull shape (stern was lengthened, a spike bowsprit added, perpendicular masts set, etc.), this model is a better depiction of it ‘as built’ in 1851. The color scheme shows a deep green bottom (lead keel with copper sheathing), black topsides, gold trail board decoration, and dark stained decking. It has a fitted framed wood cradle support typical of this era though mid-twentieth century.

Model type: Large, Pond Model, Sail
Scale: NA
Size: 90" x 15" x 77"
Class: A/Special

This model is SOLD

Schooner Yacht Schooner Yacht Schooner Yacht