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By: Inventory Currently AVAILABLE, Gilbert McArdle MD

Dutch State Yacht, Sloop of 1746
The name of the vessel recognizes the City of Utrech and the model is based on plans for a reconstruction by Ab Hoving developed from the archives of the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam, which were originally drawn by Pieter van Zwijndregt in 1746.
This comprehensive full hull model was formed via the Navy Board style of hull construction, which exposes the complete interior arrangements, bulkheads, and deck beams by leaving off all the upper deck planking. The model shows all the necessary deck gear, furniture and fittings required on a vessel of this type, e.g., kitchen cabinet & galley, doors, seats, windows, stairs, beds, fireplace, rudder & long tiller, lantern, anchor windlass, anchors, fiferail, skylights, companionways, leeboards, etc. of wood or metal. The model includes numerous decorative carving elements and motifs, e.g. gunport wreaths, lion figurehead, coat of arms, quarter gallery figures, etc., also done in wood or casting material and then painted. The model is complete in the gaff-rigged sloop configuration showing assembled mast, two yards, and bowsprit, with all standing lines, e.g., shrouds, stays etc., and running lines all of black or natural colored linen or synthetic threads. The model is presented in a semi-painted scheme showing a tallow cream bottom, natural planked topsides with black strakes, medium blue exterior bulwarks and red interior bulwarks.
Model is mounted on its own hull support that includes four carved Dolphins.  -  Framed case of Alaskan yellow cedar  and Lexan. 

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Model type: Navy Board Model, Sail, Yachting
Scale: 1:48
Size: 28 1/4” x 11 3/8" x 25 1/2”
Class: A

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