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By: ANTIQUE Models, Inventory Currently AVAILABLE, POND MODELS, Artist Unknown

Large gaff rigged cutter yacht Volunteer c.1880’s design. Wooden hull is crafted via the plank-on-frame method with a hollowed-out interior. Two thirds of the hull’s planking (topsides) is of mahogany, with each plank being carefully ‘screw’ fastened (brass) throughout. The bottom planking ‘deadwood’ portions appear to be solid clear pine as is the decking. Flush deck layout w/ a half-round mahogany toe rail covering board along the outer edge. The low lead keel design has been carefully shaped, scraphed and fitted to meld into the hull bottom accentuating the beautiful deep keel design. Included is a loose hinged rudder for aesthetics only, as it has no connecting rudder post, due to the model’s massive deep hull shape which would over-ride it and prove steering it beyond a dominant straight course irrelevant. The masts and spars are of stained wood and include various hand fashioned brass fittings. The cotton cloth sails were apparently made during the 1990’s, and were based on the original suit. The linen rigging is old though probably replaced. The model is an attempt to copy the 104’ yacht Volunteer, which was launched in 1892 and sailed in the America's Cup during the turn of the 19th century. It is entirely natural wood finish. Its mounting plynth dramatizes the entire hull shape and is constructed of solid mahogany along three keel clocks, and has a functional brass rod side support (starboard).

Model type: Pond Model, Sail
Scale: NA
Size: 82" x 10" x 75 1/2"
Class: A/Special

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