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"Windward Mark"

By: William E. Hitchcock, Nader Taheri

America 3 defeats Il Moro de Venezia, 1992 America's Cup Race: "Talent - Teamwork – Technology"

A collaborative effort between Hitchcock and Nader Taheri, these solid basswood hull models with full contemporary rigs were competently produced by Mr. Hitchcock. The scene’s overall format and yacht positioning was also carefully developed by him to capture this critical moment in time during the race.

Mr. Taheri replicated the overall sea condition which took place during this race with an effort to convey this clear weather day by using various colors and gesso’s for the finish. Each of the yachts was scrutinized for exacting detail and paint work revamped, and well as enhancements to the state-of-the-art translucent sails. He applied just the right amount of detail to the work-action figures giving this spectacular diorama the overall realism it required.


Model type: America's Cup, Collaboration, Diorama, Sail, Yachting
Scale: 1/8" = 1'
Size: 47” x 31” x 52 1/2”
Class: A/Special

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